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The company`s history

                The company Ecofruct S.R.L. was founded.
On a drying base complex situated in the village Iurceni, Nisporeni district was created a production unit with an unique technology of blanching the plumes, that allows to receive a first-rate quality product.

                The beginning of export deliveries of the dried plumes without stone to the CIS and EU countries. The quality product and the delivery within the established terms allows (us) to work on long-term contracts.

                Installation and commissioning of the technology line for extracting stones from cherries and sweet cherry. Development of the technology and the beginning of manufacture of new products - dried cherries and dried sweet cherries.
The company is granted the title: "Best Exporter" in the Nisporeni district.

                The opening of a new branch of drying fruits and vegetables in the Calarasi district. Its modernization and the installation of new heat generators based on natural gas. Plum and apple orchards were purchased on the arable land in Soldanesti district, bordering the Nistru River, one of the most ecological and beautiful places in Moldova.

                The purchase of a German machine for processing the fresh apples. Development of the technology and the beginning of manufacture of new products - peeled dry apples without core, apple chips. The first oat harvest off the arable lands.
The company is given the first prize in the district contest "Best small business entrepreneur 2007"

                The development of vegetable growing technology on the protected lands. An exit on the market of retails with the packed products.
Procedure of a quality certification according to HAACP and ISO 9001 is initiated.

The progressive development of the company allows us to look forward with confidence to create a stable team of professionals and to continue implementing the programmed plans. Meanwhile, the company is open to innovation and is interested in finding new projects in areas of growing, processing and storage of vegetables and fruits.

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